Fitaboo wooden wobble board, balance board.

The board is wood but painted white. Tough, strong, durable and stylish.

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Benefits of Using A Wobble Board | Balance Board

More people are turning to wooden balance boards to help them improve their conditioning, balance and work their core muscles. Standing on a wooden balance board is a great workout in and of itself, but it can also be used as a platform for other exercises which allows you to work multiple muscles at the same time and challenge your abs, back, and oblique muscles.

Fitaboo wooden wobble board, balance board.

We consider this to be an intermediate board — Not too easy, not too difficult.

We’ve recently released our own wooden wobble board. Our Fitaboo Balance Board is extremely durable and stable. It’s the perfect way to keep your core muscles strong, improve your balance, coordination, and overall motor abilities.

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In this article I discuss the benefits associated with using a wobble board on a regular basis.

Rehabilitation | Wobble Board

Fitaboo wooden wobble board, balance board.

The board is made from wood.

Wooden balance boards are used by a variety of groups including the elderly, athletes, and people completing rehabilitation programs, but they have benefits for anyone looking to get fit and exercise efficiently. Wooden balance boards are perfect for older people looking to avoid falls and stay healthy as they age. They’re also a great way for athletes to improve their reaction time, and for people in rehab to regain their old level of balance in order to prevent future injuries.

Wooden balance boards are particularly useful for those who have sprained their ankles, for example, since regaining balance strength after an injury could lead to persistent weakness and additional sprains. Because standing on a wooden balance board to do exercises provides you with a core workout, you will also burn more calories while doing the same exercises. Wooden balance boards are also seen as an important component of certain practices of yoga.

Balance boards also stimulate your neural networks allowing your right and left brain hemispheres to community, allowing for the better development of sensory and cognitive skills in children with developmental disorders. They are also said to help singers, dancers, and musicians better at their crafts since dancers learn to be lighter on their feet whereas singers and musicians learn how to stand or hold their instruments.

Benefits of a Wooden Wobble Board | Balance Board

Fitaboo wooden wobble board, balance board.

We choose blue to add a stylish touch to our wobble board.

There are also a lot of options when it comes to the shape and design of balance boards but it’s thought that the circular wobble board is best able to train your body since it tilts in all directions and not just two directions like other balance board models.

Fitaboo wooden wobble board, balance board.

Yes, you can even use it to enhance your push-ups.

While there are lots of options when it comes to balance boards, it’s said that wooden balance boards are not only more durable, but they also allow you to react more quickly since the wood reverberates the movements through your feet. Another benefit of a wooden balance board is that they’re generally able to hold more weight than plastic alternatives, which means that they’re a better choice for people who are overweight or those who will be using the board to lift extra weight.

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