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NOTE: This product has been discontinued.

Hand grips or hand strengtheners, are excellent companions to any lifestyle or fitness programs. When used on a regular basis, they help you increase the strength of your hands, wrists, fingers and forearms and they are also excellent for rehabilitating yourself after an injury.

Fitaboo Hand Strengthener

Our Fitaboo hand grip is a high-quality piece of equipment designed to strengthen the muscles in your wrist, fingers, and forearms. This article will focus on the the benefits of using a hand grip and how it can enhance your life. Even something as simple as carrying groceries or using power tools becomes easier once you start strengthening your hands and surrounding muscles.

Grip strength, which is also known as crushing strength is important for things like opening jars or shaking hands but it is also important for gripping anything like dumbbells or rocks if you’re a rock climber. People who play sports often benefit from improved grip strength as well. For example, if you play tennis, it will help your swing or if you play football it will help you catch and hold onto the ball more effectively.

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Comfortable for small to large hands.

Elderly people who are losing grip strength can greatly benefit from using a hand grip to help maintain it. This will help them continue to hold things like brushes and canes or walkers improving their mobility and safety. People who have injured their hands can use hand grippers as a way to quickly regain their hand strength.

Are you a musician? A hand grip will help you improve the dexterity of your fingers and help make you a better player. Do you need to type quickly for work or school? Hand grips help improve your typing speed. Almost everyone can benefit from a hand grip.

Different Types of Hand Grips

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Waiting for a new pair of hands.

There are many different kinds of hand grippers. Originally made with wood, they are not mostly constructed with plastic or steel using springs that are fitted with two handles. You can generally buy them with different spring strengths making the hand grips harder or easier to use. In fact, there are some hand grips that have been created that only one or two people can actually squeeze and there is a competition around being able to squeeze these grippers.

The best hand grips are of adjustable grip strength since you don’t have to keep buying new grippers every time you gain muscles. They’re easy to use as part of your everyday life. Just squeeze one while you’re on the bus, in a meeting, or watching TV.

The best way to improve your grip strength using a hand grip is to choose a strength that is challenging for you and do a small number of repetitions until your hand strength gives out. As it becomes easier to grip and you develop grip strength, you should use a more challenging gripper or adjust your grip strength settings. If you’re looking to increase your hand endurance, it might make more sense to focus on endurance rather than strength. This will help you carry things for long periods of time more comfortably.